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Van hire purchase

free quoteWhat is van hire purchase?

Hire purchase (HP) is the traditional way of funding a new van. You pay a deposit, which is the minimum VAT price of the van, and then pay the remainder of the balance monthly over an agreed period (up to 60 months). After the contract is finished, the van is owned by you.

Van Hire Purchase

Benefits of hire purchase:

• VAT deposit is reclaimable for VAT registered businesses
• At the end of the contract the vehicle is yours
• No VAT on fixed monthly payments
• 100% of interest charges can be offset against taxable profits
• No mileage restrictions
• The van is an asset on your balance sheet
• Taxation benefit from depreciating the asset
• Interest is reclaimable against your tax bill

Whether you want to keep monthly costs low or adjust the deposit amount, our team of experts can tailor a finance package to suit you and your business.

For more information on our flexible hire purchase deals contact us now on 0845 021 1111.

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