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What is van contract hire?

Contract hire is basically a rental agreement. After making an initial payment you continue to pay a set number of rental payments over an agreed period. At the end of this period you return the vehicle. If the van is in good condition and you haven’t exceeded your mileage commitment there is nothing else to pay.

This finance option is very similar to van leasing with the main difference being that you do not have the hassle of selling your van at the end of your contract.

Contract Hire Quotes

Contract hire quotes are often quoted as 3+35 or 6+47. This describes how your quote is constructed between the up-front payment and the monthly payments.
For example – “£200 per month, 3+35” means one up-front payment equivalent to 3 monthly payments (£600) followed by 35 fixed payments of £200 each. A total contract of 3 years.
Don’t forget to factor in VAT on top if you are not VAT registered.

Initial Rental (deposit / up-front payment): This first rental is flexible and you can choose to pay as little as 3 times the monthly rental and up to 12 times the monthly rental.

Monthly rentals: This is a fixed amount based on your chosen annual mileage, length of contract (2 to 5 years) and initial rental payment.

Other details
Mileage and fair wear & tear restrictions apply. Finance is subject to company status and credit checks.

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All advertised payments do not include VAT. Depending on the type of contract, deposit can mean either initial payment or initial rental. Finance approval is subject to a credit check by the chosen finance company on application.