December 04, 2018

Renault vans create Renault Master car transporter for Formula One cars

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The latest creation from Renault vans has really caught the eye, as part of the showcase for their van conversion program, they’ve created a bespoke car transporter for the Renault Sport Formula One team, with a Renault Master having been used for the conversion.

Renault Master car transporter

The base for this fantastic conversion is the Renault Master platform cab, this has been converted by an accredited Renault vans converter, Advanced KFS. The platform cab has been transformed into a single car transporter with a box body and will be used primarily to transport Renault Sport Formula One show cars to displays and exhibitions around Europe.

The Renault Master conversion features numerous bespoke modifications ideal for transporting cars and is based on the front-wheel drive, 3.5-tonne Renault Master platform cab and gets a 2.3-litre 170ps diesel engine. The conversion has been put together so that a Renault F1 team show car (usually one from the previous season, with the engine removed and the current livery) can be transported to various exhibitions. Bespoke features include an electric winch to assist with loading and unloading of the car, whilst loading ramps have been designed meticulously to avoid extreme angles which may ground out the car.

The Renault Master is a far more practical way of transporting Formula One show cars, which in previously would have required a tow vehicle and a trailer, an external company or potentially even lorries. In one case, the Renault Master conversion has even been called upon to deliver their full trim race cars, complete with engine to Valencia, Spain. The 844kg payload of the conversion is more than sufficient for the 350kg show car, or the 700kg full trim race car.

With a Gross Vehicle weight under 3.5-tonnes, the Master car transporter can also be driven on a standard UK driving licence, giving the team far greater flexibility in who can use the vehicle when compared to a larger alternative, with 200 events on a yearly basis this can represent a significant saving on cost and resources.

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