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Category: Driving advice

Do you know the van speed limits?

June 6, 2017

With new driving laws meaning that van drivers exceeding the speed limit could face fines up to £2,500, do you know the different van speed limits? Van speed limits Speed limits are important in keeping people safe on the roads, so what are the van speed limits? And how do they differ depending on the […]

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Top 5 most reliable vans of last year named!

May 24, 2017

Vans travel thousands of miles per year, so everyone wants a van that they can rely on! This should be the number one priority when purchasing new vans. Vanman announces the top 5 vans for reliability sold last year; according to the FN50 survey of van reliability, the UK’s largest van and pick-up reliability survey! […]

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Wrapping your new van – All you need to know!

May 17, 2017

  Your new van is more than just a way to get you and your cargo to the job location. For many businesses your new van is a mobile billboard to raise awareness of your brand while going from job to job. Vanman reveals all you need to know about wrapping your van! Finance options […]

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Van news round-up, May Week 2

May 15, 2017

Vanman brings you a comprehensive round-up of the past week’s van news. Whether it’s new stories, new vans or serious van news. Vanman brings you the new van news you could possibly need! Van driver who rammed cyclist off the road has been sacked A van driver has lost his job after a video initially […]

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How to reduce your van running costs

March 20, 2017

Running a van is not cheap. After you’ve acquired a van, taxed and insured it there are fuel and maintenance costs – and these never end! As you can imagine, (and probably know) it all adds up. It’s in your interest to do what you can to minimise your running costs. At the end of […]

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