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Van Finance? Quotes are free!!

We want to make purchasing a new van as easy and as affordable as possible for you so whether you are a small start up business or a large established company we can find you a suitable finance option for you.

We understand that choosing a finance package can seem complex especially as the future can seem unknown but we are here to help you. We pride ourselves in treating each of customers individually as we understand that no two businesses are the same, so we offer a wide range of competitive finance options including:

  Contract Hire      Leasing        Hire Purchase

Your VanMan sales adviser will be able to discuss with you the best finance option for you and give you more details. In the meantime we have outlined below the options available to you:

Hire purchase – Free quote

Hire purchase(HP) is the traditional way of funding a new vehicle. You pay a deposit which is the minimum VAT price of the van then the remainder of the balance over an agreed period of up to 60 months. After the contract is finished, the van is owned by you.

Benefits of hire purchase:

  • VAT deposit reclaimable for VAT registered customers
  • Monthly repayments are VAT free
  • Fixed monthly rentals for ease of budgeting
  • 100% of interest charges can be offset against taxable profits
  • No mileage restrictions
  • The vehicle is an asset on your balance sheet
  • Taxation benefit from depreciating the asset
  • At the end of the contract the vehicle is owned by you.

Van leasing – Free quote

Often referred to as Finance Lease, a popular choice where all the VAT and Tax benefits are realised and there is a share of the sale proceeds at contract end. Ideal for companies who want to manage the administration and depreciation, with no mileage restrictions or any potential end of contract charges. You make an initial deposit and then pay a fixed number of rentals over the remaining period of the agreement up to 60 months. At the end of the lease you can either enter into a further ‘secondary’ period of hire or dispose of the vehicle and retain the majority of the proceeds.

Benefits of van leasing:

  • Fixed monthly rentals for ease of budgeting
  • Lump sum or number of rentals as advance payment plus the VAT for deposit
  • Repayment period is between 24 and 60 months
  • You will pay VAT monthly but this can be claimed back if you have a VAT registered business.
  • This finance package is best for non-VAT businesses because you have maximum flexibility and pay a low deposit.
  • No mileage restriction on this option.
  • Option to extend agreement into a ‘secondary’ period for a nominal annual fee.
  • Option to include a deferred sum/final ‘balloon’ payment to keep monthly costs low.

Contract hire – Free quote

This is where you make an initial payment and then follow on from this paying a set number of rental payments over the agreed period. At the end of this period you hand the vehicle back and there is nothing else to owe providing the vehicle is in good condition and you have not over run your mileage commitment.

Benefits of Contract hire include:

  • Offers you the piece of mind of fixed monthly payments making budgeting for your vehicle easy leaving you with no financial uncertainty.
  •  Tax discs sent to you annually included in the price.
  • Full maintenance package (optional)
  • Low initial payment, not tying up working capital. You initially pay the equivalent of 1-3 months rentals which include VAT, you can increase your first deposit to make monthly payments less
  • No depreciation risk
  • Hassle-free disposal of the vehicle
  • This option is very similar to finance lease with the main difference being that are released from the hassle of selling your van at the end of your contract.
  • You can reclaim a portion of your VAT on your monthly payments.
  • Your vehicle will be inspected and charges will be made if your vehicle is returned in a unacceptable condition or over runs agreed mileage parameters.

Simply contact us for a finance quote